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“I just want a simple design. Minimal, nothing fancy. Something that will grab the visitor, but with a clean look. Minimal text, because people don’t read – lots of photos and video, but keep it simple.”

We hear this request from prospective clients all the time, and it makes sense. We are inundated with lots of new information all the time, and when we arrive at a site that feels simple and minimal, it is like a breath of fresh air.

Simple website design ideas for minimal clean websites are growing in popularity. A minimal clean website is a website with a simplistic design and no distractions. It is easy for customers to use and to understand and it leads to more sales and future business.

A simple design appeals to everyone

Whether someone is 16 or 65, simple website design ideas appeal to them. People over 50 use the internet as much as anyone else, but some have a harder time navigating online. For younger users, simple design is what they see in social media, so it makes sense to use it on your website.

No distractions

Websites with busy and crowded pages distract the viewer. This deters them from clicking further into the site. A simple website design prevents this problem. When customers can’t find the information they are looking for quickly, they give up. If you are trying to sell a product or convey specific information about your business, you are much better off using a minimal clean design. Customers will see the information they need, click on it, and buy the product.

Simple is classic

Save yourself time and money when you have a simple website. The minimal look is timeless and classic, and won’t ever look outdated. You can keep your current design for a longer period of time, and watch as it continues to bring in new customers.


We love web design and building websites. But we hate haggling. That’s why we’re going to just tell you our prices and packages.

Simple Business Website Package

This business package offers 5 pages, 50 simple responsive themes to choose from, 10 image photo gallery, a blog, existing content import, optimization for SEO, integration with social media pages, complete consultation, and ready in 5 days. The one time cost for this package is $149. There are no monthly fees.

Simple Personal Website Package

This personal package is all about you. Just for fun, or for your side gig, the package offers 3 pages, 20 simple responsive themes to choose from, 5 image photo gallery, a blog, complete consultation, and ready in 5 days. The one time cost for this package is $99. There are no monthly fees.

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